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Testimonial: Andrew Oliver

  • Tessa Pihlens 2015

    "Andrew is fantastic....He put me at total ease and the treatment was a relaxing process – not at all painful....After just two sessions I was race ready and no longer experiencing any pain.

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Andrew & Debbi, new parents to a baby daughter

The advice, support and reassurance we received from our visit from Lactation Consultant Liz Lambourn has been completely invaluable in our first week as new parents.

After a couple of rocky days breastfeeding, we arranged a home visit. We were concerned that struggles in the early days would have an impact on continuing and establishing breast feeding-something that was very important to us. Liz visited us in our home for 1.5 hours and she immediately made us feel comfortable enough to share our concerns and observe me breast feeding, our daughter.

The advice from Liz was practical, realistic and implementable. Her knowledge is not just limited to the physical act of feeding but encompasses baby psychology, pre and post-natal health and far more. She also addressed how my husband could support our feeding to make him feel assured that he was contributing in the most valuable way.

Within 2 days of Lizs' visit we were confident enough to do our first public breast feed. But most importantly, she helped remove any anxiety so that I can enjoy and bond with our daughter during breastfeeding. The confidence and reassurance gained through our consultation has been invaluable in helping to maintain a calm, loving and confident environment for our new family.