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Meet the therapist - Evelina, our Aromatherapy and holistic masseuse


Why did you want to be a massage therapist?

My decision to train as a therapist came about because of my own experience of treatment here at the Maris Practice. I found the treatment so helpful when I was struggling to have a second baby that I decided I wanted to train in something that would enable me to work in the same field and to help people. So actually being able to use these skills here at the Maris Practice is a special bonus for me!

What do you enjoy about it?

It was the smells that drew me in first of all and aromatherapy was the route I took. I had always loved beautiful scents and essential oils so it seemed like a natural fit to begin my training with aromatherapy. Now, however, it is the massage aspect that I enjoy the most. It is deeper and more applicable to different types of problems, although I do still love using essential oils.

I love meeting different people – everyone is individual and unique – and I learn something new from each body that I treat.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love cooking, walking and cycling and I am probably one of the few women of my age group who loves embroidery! In fact, I enjoy all kinds of 'making things' and being creative. Another of my not-so-guilty pleasures is visiting art galleries and exhibitions.

What is the best thing about working at The Maris Practice?

I love everybody here! That includes everyone who works here and all the clients! It truly is a wonderful place, a place of safety and comfort for many people, both the practitioners and those people we treat. It has a unique ambience that makes it a really special place.

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