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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Science considers the ‘root cause’ rather than symptoms alone. Through its intervention health concerns may reduce or even disappear.  All the ‘systems’ of the body are inter-related. This includes the digestive, hormonal, detoxification, energy and immune systems, each one impacting the other. When it comes to health and disease, understanding these complex connections in the body is the key to positive results.

Through a detailed initial consultation we will identify events in your life that might have contributed to a state of ill health or just feeling below par. This would include assessing pre-conception, childhood illnesses, long-term diet patterns, genetics, environmental exposures, sleep issues, medications, emotional and physical stressors.

During the consultation you and your nutritional therapist will discuss where there may be underlying imbalances between each ‘system’ in your body, which could be contributing to your health today. If appropriate, specific laboratory testing may be recommend to assist in the assessment of your health. At the end of the consultation dietary and lifestyle changes will be discussed, and only achievable goals will be set.

Following on from the consultation a detailed analysis will be completed to assess your priorities and compile a tailored programme. Depending on your health status, diet and lifestyle, it maybe necessary for the recommendation of natural supplements. Supplements are at 10% off RRP. 

Laboratory testing maybe suggested if appropriate. This enables a more targeted approach for your programme. Costs for testing will be discussed and is payable separately, test interpretation is included in the consultation fee. Test kits are sent direct from the laboratory to your home using UK regulated laboratories.  


  • Blood allergy and intolerance testing
  • Hormonal health for both men and women (including thyroid)
  • Adrenal Stress (includes testing for insulin resistance and gluten intolerance)
  • Gastrointestinal test for digestive issues assessing bacterias, yeasts, parasites, helicobacter pylori, inflammatory markers and digestive capability (this test also includes testing antibodies to the protein found in egg, soy, milk (casein) and gluten (gliadin)
  • Chronic Fatigue screen
  • Methylation profile
  • Vitamin and Mineral profile
  • Auto-immune reactivity screens
  • Viral screening (testing for anti-bodies for certain viruses)

Some tests not mentioned here can be arranged through your GP. We can write to your GP to arrange this. 

If you are not sure what role Nutritional Therapy can offer you, Sarah Wragg offers a free 15 minute no obligation chat about your situation - so call her on 07702 492302 or drop into the Maris Practice and pick up a leaflet.

Testimonials for Sarah Wragg

After years of suffering from chronic indigestion, seeing different GP's, Consultants & them concluding that I had no specific medical condition so just prescribing more antacids, I choose to see a Nutritionist.  A few sessions with Sarah really did change my life for the better and enabled me to love eating without the aftermath of indigestion, bloating & discomfort.  Sarah identified that my gut health was very poor and that the overuse of antacids had lead to low production of stomach acid, which was causing problems with digestion.  A simple course of supplements along with some lifestyle changes totally transformed me, and now nearly three years on and the problems of indigestion are history!  JG Brighton

My ancestors have a history of stomach and bowel cancers, which gave me concern as I reached a certain age.  Recently my ‘system’ became sensitive, over reactive and unreliable.  I contacted Sarah who listened thoroughly to my case history taking into consideration many factors I had not thought of.  Tests identified the avoidance of certain foods in my diet in the short term.  Sarah recommended a number of supplements which have settled the ‘system’ down.  I am now looking forward to enjoying a whole range of foods again.  BH Berkshire

I came to see Sarah as I a keen sports enthusiast – training daily.  I wanted to ensure I was providing my body with the right fuel it needs, to get the best out of my body.  I am training towards a number of triathlons this year and Sarah has helped put together a programme for me, which will help me achieve the fitness I need.  A few simple pointers, plus the right supplements to support my body during my training is working very well.  CG Wimbledon

I decided to see a nutritionist following several appointments with GP's and private consultants who were unable to provide me with any diagnosis. When I came to Sarah my immune system was extremely low, I was suffering from colds and chest infections on a monthly basis. I experienced stomach upsets regularly and struggled to digest some foods. I was extremely tired and lacked drive and energy. After some simple tests Sarah identified that I had adrenal fatigue, poor gut health & low stomach acid. She advised me to take supplements to help boost my immune system and also some to support my adrenals. I took specific probiotics while following a Candida diet to aid my gut health along with digestive enzymes to help with my low stomach acid. My immune system is now much improved and I haven't had a cold/ flu for months now. The Candida diet with probiotics has been a huge success and has made an amazing difference to my lifestyle. After commencing with the adrenal supplements I have started to see an improvement in my energy levels and should see the full benefits after continuing with them for up to 6 months. Sarah also recommended a multi-vitamin tailored to balance my autoimmune disease - coeliac. This is extremely important as I learnt from Sarah that the wrong supplements could have an adverse effect on people suffering with autoimmune conditions. Prior to seeing Sarah I believed my diet was healthy, however following advice from Sarah I learnt the importance of eating enough protein, sufficient oily fish and healthy snacks to balance sugar levels. I will be continuing with the supplements and diet plan Sarah has tailored for me as they have made a huge difference to my life.  LC Wimbledon

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