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Pregnancy Care - The Maris Practice

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  • Wendy Kitching, 41 years old

    Since I have been receiving treatment every month my symptoms have improved

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  • Caroline, Surrey

    'After finding out I was pregnant it was only a matter of weeks before I experiencing pain in my pelvis as I had with my first baby. I had never previously appreciated what skilled osteopath could achieve.

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Testimonial - Augusta Wilson

  • Maryam KE

    Every new and expectant mum should know about this place. The team are incredible, we see Gus who is amazing and we look forward to our visits every time.

Pregnancy Care

Pain is very common in pregnancy but this does not mean it is normal or needs putting up with. Pain is usually an indicator that some part of the body is not adapting to pregnancy as it should. We treat women throughout pregnancy and after delivery.

Back pain, indigestion, pubic symphsis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain and rib pain are just some of the symptoms that pregnant women frequently have to put up with. Osteopaths are trained to assess and treat mechanical or functional issues that often lead to these problems. Pregnant women are often surprised to find an increase in headaches and sinus problems. Gentle osteopathic techniques can be useful for those symptoms also. We can provide gentle exercises or stretches to keep aches and pains at bay and help towards a healthy, happy pregnancy.

As our team includes breast feeding consultants, homeopaths, acupuncturist and massage therapists many of the issues that arise in pregnancy can be dealt with in a non-invasive, gentle, baby-friendly approach. If you require any furrther information about what may be relevant for you then please speak to one of our receptionists or arrange to have a chat with one of our therapists.